Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Back... Hopefully back for a while this time!

After a very long, undesired, break from Quilting, the reasons for which I will not go into detail right now... Just suffice it to say, we are finally "In Contract" on our home!  It's been 15 months, but we are finally about to sell the house! 

So, last night I finally sat at my sewing machine and started a new project...  I have plenty of old projects to finish, but I NEEDED to do something NEW.  I am sure I am the only person who goes through this, but I digress.

I am going to keep this post short and sweet and just share some photos of my adventures last night. 

FQs.  Some Pressed.  Some Ready to be Pressed.
Cut into 3.5 inch Squares

My Stack O Blacks

My Stack O Whites

Good Old Fashion Chain Piecing

The pile of Finished Squares for Step One.

Snipping and Sorting... I love my Ghinger Curved Scissors!

So, any guesses on what I am making?

Until Next Time (Guaranteed to not be as long this time...)