Friday, March 20, 2015

Trish Got a New Car!

A few months ago, we bought a new car SUV for my wife.  She was driving a mini van that was 12 years old and had a lot of miles.  We decided to trade it in and get her something a little smaller, as two of our kids have moved out of the house and we really don't need room to seat seven anymore.

So, we got her a Ford Escape.  She loves it.  The only time I've driven it was to test drive it for about 10 minutes before we bought it.  It's hers and she drives it, and frankly, that's fine by me.  She cares for two young boys during the day and she has a few car seats in it.

We usually drive my car when we go places, but back around Christmas we took her vehicle to her dad's house and when I was taking out the car seats I noticed this...

Dried gunk from the bottom of little feet!

My first reaction, I'll be honest, was to say, "You need to tell those boys to keep their feet OFF of the seat backs!"  But as I was taking the car seat out, I realized that it was nearly impossible for them to keep their feet off of the seat back in front of them.  Their car seats have a "lean" that puts their feet out in front of them in such a way that it would be impossible for them to put their feet "down".

So, I decided to fix the problem.  (That is something us guys do, you know, we FIX things... HooRaa!)

So, I dug out an old Jelly Roll of Blues to match the new Car!!!  

Some of the Blues in the Jelly Roll... I forgot to take a photo of the Jelly Roll!

And this is what I did... 

Sewing on my FW.

Panel all sewn, and ready to be cut again!

This was the first project I did completely on my Vintage Sewing Machines.  I used my 221 Featherweight, and part way through the project, I bought a 401A and another 221 (which I had to "test drive").

So.  After a lot of trial and error, I finally finished them, and installed them in Trish's new ride last night...

Now that I have that project off my board, I can focus on a few others... I have Bonnie's GIMQ to work on, Jonathon's graduation quilt (can you believe he is graduating and going to college!), one project which shall remain a secret and I have to make some blocks for my Exchange Group.

Thanks for reading!!

Until His work in me is complete,