Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adelle... Stradivaro Blues

Look what the UPS Man brought me today!

A Box... That says, "FRAGILE".
The UPS man delivered today...

And INSIDE that box... An ugly case that has been made even uglier by adding wood print contact paper!

Wood cases are nice.  Fake wood cases are... Well... Not so nice.
She was well packed, all tied down with industrial plastic wrap, trust me she wasn't going to move in there.  Having an old machine shipped to me made me a little nervous, but they packed her well and she made it in one piece!
Tied down with industrial plastic wrap and bubble wrap.
Upon seeing this machine, I knew I wanted her.  She was lonely in the midst of a bunch of old Singers that were drawing all the bidding action, nobody wanted the blue Stradivaro, so I got her for $5.95.  Yep, SIX Dollars!!  It cost me more than three times that to ship her, so all in, her total cost was $28.98.  I have paid more than that for paintings that adorn my walls, so even if she never sewed a stitch for me, she's a nice piece of art for a shelf, so how could I say no!?

All unwrapped and ready for inspection.

"Stradivaro" must be Japanese for "Singer" because she looks just like a Singer 15-88.  If she were black and the badges removed, I guarantee people would think she was a Singer 15-88 with an odd faceplate and back gear cover.  Her faceplate is striped, not scrolled like the 15-88, as is her back gear cover.  (I can't believe how blatantly companies will copy another company's product!)

Her faceplate is striped, not scrolled, but
in shape and size, it is identical to a 15-88!

I will need to build her a table in which to sit so she can be used, and her wiring needs to be completely redone.  I almost didn't even plug her in to test her functioning, but curiosity got the better of me, though I was a bit nervous about the possibility of electrical shock.

Bare wires in places, tape over wires in many places.  This was just
not pretty.  Not the worst I've seen, but pretty darn bad!!

But, she runs great, she sews, and I have done nothing to her yet.  Once I clean her up a bit, put a new needle in her, and make some adjustments, I am sure she will sew a fine stitch.

She is clean as a whistle!! Even her undercarriage is clean!
Light is nice and bright, though I will likely replace it with an LED version.
The only real messy part about her is the motor.  I'll take it apart when I
rewire her, but for now, she'll be shelf decoration.
I have decided to call her "Adelle" because every time I see the badge, "Stradivaro" I think of the famous Stradivarius Violins, and music.  Adelle sings the blues, and this little gem is most definitely blue, so she shall be christened, "Adelle".

I will clean her up and polish her soon and I'll post some photos when I do.  The rewire job will be fun... I hope!

Until His work in me is complete,

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