Monday, March 7, 2011

I was Nominated!!

This little quilt blog has gotten some attention in the past few days...

First, I won the drawing from Bonnie Hunt's blog and she linked to my blog on her blog, and I got a bunch of visitors... One of them suggested I be profiled for March Man-ness on Stitchen' Heaven Howdy's site and I got a bunch more visitors.  Now I have more followers than I do posts!  I will work on changing that...

I had a unique "Quilt Week".  I have been very busy at work, but I have managed to do some Quilty things this past week.

Thursday Night I quilted my QFK quilt.  I did a straight line quilt with a spiked stitch pattern.  I will use a new binding technique called "Wrap Around Binding"... I'll post photos when I do it.

That was the only sewing I did, but I did a bunch of cutting... I am preparing to do a very large (92x92) quilt that will require 300 9x3.5 strips.  So I cut a bunch of 3.5 inch strips...

That was my Thursday Night... A little bit o' cutting, and a little bit o' sewing...  Both very simple and not too exciting, but critical to the art nonetheless...

Saturday I did some shopping.  I needed some more blues and reds for the big quilt mentioned above.  I went to one of my favorite little shops Good Wives in Marion Ohio.  It's about an hour away, so I don't get up there very often, but I do stop by when possible.  I made a special trip because they have a LOT of civil war era colors and fabric patterns, perfect for the big quilt project.

These are the reds and blues for the quilt pattern shown below.  I am going to modify this slightly by adding a 1.5" gold stop border around the stars before the blue outer border.  I think the blue border kind of blends into the rest of the quilt and a 1.5" inch strip of gold should do the trick.

Then I stopped at Sew To Speak, a cute little shop filled with modern fabric and BRIGHT colors...  I had my daughter and her sister with me and of course we had to buy some fabric.

I will be using the White with Black Polka Dots as a foundation fabric for a future quilt.  The pink will go nicely with some pinks I have in my stash, and the Kitty Cat will be in Maryaha's quilt very soon.  I also found this Japanese Fabric in a sale bin that I could not resist.  I have no idea what I will do with my yard of this fabric, but I am sure I will figure something out.

And Lastly... I don't know what I got all over my iron, but something red and sticky got on my iron.  I asked around and I was told the best thing to clean an iron is Dritz Hot Iron Cleaner.  As you can see, it worked like a charm!

The Magic Eraser....

Until next time... Or maybe sooner.

And THANK YOU to my new followers.  I welcome your feedback and comments...


  1. Wow you are one busy man. The quilt on the machine is very pretty. Remember sewing has only recently been a foreign area to men, as most famous tailors have been men.

  2. You did get a lot done last Thursday. Love that star pattern. I use the iron off, too. It's great for removing starch from the iron plate. If you ever get something on your iron that the iron off won't remove, pour a bit of salt on a piece of heavy paper and iron it. The salt will work like sandpaper and clean it right up. I melted a bit of plastic on mine and this got it off quite well. Lane

  3. Wow, you are a busy quilter. My parents live in Marion, Ohio. Love the Good Wives Quilt Shop. Glad you are doing a blog, you will have fun meeting Quilters from all over the world. Happy Quilting!


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