Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thursday's Sewing Night # 5

(This was supposed to post on Friday.  I am not sure why it didn't....)

Well last night's quilt night just wasn't too much to write about... Primarily because normally Wednesday is laundry night, but this week I spent Wednesday evening at a Church Leadership meeting, so last night's quilt night was more like "Quilt when you can between laundry loads night" and my productivity suffered.

I am much more productive when I can focus on one task.  I am not a good multi-tasker.  I can have many things going at once, but I need to focus on them one at a time to really be productive.

So, last night I cut and sewed ~100 more HSTs for the big "Stars and Stripes" Quilt.  One more night of sewing and cutting HSTs, another day ironing them open, and one more afternoon trimming them up and weeding out the "not-so-square" ones and I'll be ready to really begin assembling this quilt.

First, it wouldn't be quilt night without my son's ever vigiliant 
"Supervisor" watching over everything I do...

 Chain Sewing HSTs...  I think I can do these in my sleep right now!

With only 3 sets to go, my machine went crazy...  Turns out the thread
had come off of the lifter arm, but it took me a few minutes to figure it out!

Finally!! The LAST rectangle to be cut...

The final cuts... (I don't know how I took this upside down...)

The final HST on Betsy...

My PILE of HSTs  Half of what I sewed tonight.


And here they are, all 576 of them...

 On another note, I happened across a FANTASTIC FQ sale, and I filled my FQ bin to the max.  I purchased about 1/3 of these this past week for $1.20 each!!  (I know the white with polka dots in the bottom left of the photo is not a FQ, but I have it in here with the other polka dot fabric right next to it. Those will become a project soon...)

Until Next Time,


  1. All those HSTs!!! Whew!!!!! Glad you got them done. You got a good deal on the FQs. Nice!

  2. wow alot of HST's... where did you find FQ's for that price? that was a great deal


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