Friday, June 3, 2011

21 Years...

There was no quilting last night.  Jonathon had a few more science experiments to complete before he can take his final exam and graduate Eighth grade.  So we built molecules out of toothpicks and colored marshmallows.  We boiled water, and proved that water boils at a lower temperature when the Atmospheric Pressure is lowered.  We made Tapioca Pudding.  (OK, that had more to do with Dad needing to prove that not all green food is nasty than science, but we made it anyway!)

In addition to Quilter, and Dad, another hat I wear is the Treasurer of the Children's Choir that my children sing in.  This is a new role for me, and for the past two months I have been entering data into Quicken to build Last Year's history and to help me create the budget for the upcoming year.  I still have a lot to do and a looming deadline, so I have to practice what I preach and do my "Have To"s before my "Want To"s...

Yesterday was also my 21st Anniversary.  I can't believe Trish and I have been married 21 Years, but we have.  Two more years and we will have been together more than half of our lives...  If any of my High School friends are reading this, I'll pause for a moment while you pick yourself up off of the floor.............. SO, there won't be any quilting tonight either, as I plan to take my Bride out to dinner to celebrate.  I love Jonathon and all, but somehow science experiments in the kitchen isn't exactly the way I wanted to celebrate my Anniversary!

I have been so busy at work catching up after my vacation, and busy at home catching up from vacation that I haven't had time to do the fun things I like to do, like tend my Virtual Farm, Blog, and of course, QUILT!

I will post photos soon from Last week's vacation quilting and I plan to pull 'Ol Betsy out of her case this weekend and finish two projects and start another.  And early next week I plan to get Jonathon's quilt and Stars and Stripes onto the Long Arm, so lots of quilt stuff will be coming soon.  I promise!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Happy anniversary...hope you have a wonderful evening....

  2. Happy Anniversary! You have many quilts on your list! I guess you've got your work cut out for you!


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