Monday, June 6, 2011

I really did go on a vacation...

Well, it has been an interesting week since we came home from our Florida vacation...

My lawn mower died, our dishwasher is acting up, my son's car is in the shop, and the IRS has decided to audit me as they have basically decided I need to prove that I actually adopted Chyenne.  (Apparently a court order, a new Birth Certificate, and the Adoption Consent form were not enough proof!)

I met with my accountant who assures me we will get this IRS mess cleaned up, I bought, assembled and used a new lawn mower, the dish washer has been "repaired" enough that it is at least washing the dishes.  So, I have not unpacked my sewing machine nor had I even looked at my vacation pics until last night.

So, here is some proof that we went to Florida...

Thrilled to be on our way!!  In all fairness, Chyenne slept all night,
while Jonathon and MaryAnna did not!!

The view out our balcony... A nice cool Pool!!
Which my family HAD to immediately get into!

My beautiful wife, Trish, who will probably ask me to remove this as soon
as she sees it.

Jonathon and Mom...



Jonathon HAD to catch a lizard, but it was MaryAnna who showed him
how to do it...
We spent a day at the beach... Not my favorite place to be, but my family LOVES it, so I play along...

Me, trying my hand at Skim Boarding...
I did not fall, so it was successful.  And I WILL NOT
post a video... The still shot makes it look like I
somewhat know what I am doing, a video would
not be so flattering!!
Jonathon LOVES the beach... He looks so much
older in this photo...

Jonathon and MaryAnna were stung by jellyfish
so Jonathon had to catch a few

Here is one of the little boogers.  A few days later on
the news they said 850 people had been stung that week!
REALLY DAD!! We really don't want to do this
PLEASE let us go back to what we were doing...
The next day, the ladies spent the day at the pool, and Jonathon and I went golfing.  I COMPLETELY DOMINATED THAT BOY!!!  Then we played the 2nd to 18th holes...  I'd love to tell you that I beat my 14 year old son, but I'd be lying.  After the first hole, he kicked my butt all over the course.

Look at that form!

And the Lack thereof!!

It seemed like every hole had a bird obstacle...

And then we did Disney... It was 8 miles from the condominium, so we had to go.

Easiest way to remember where you parked... Take a picture!

Someday, I will return with my wife (NO KIDS) and we will stay at
The Polynesian Village... Simply Beautiful.

Chyenne still can't believe it's real...

Having Girls added a dimension to the Disney Trip
that would have NEVER happened with the boys!!

The obligatory castle shot.

The People Mover broke down while we were on it.  We sat for 15 minutes
waiting for it to restart... This was after about 12 minutes...

Notice Jonathon driving with his foot!

Even Window Washing takes on a FUN feel at WDW!!

Some see a house, bridge and geese, I see...

It's a Small World After All... It's a Small World After All...
It's a Small World After All, It's a Small, Small World...

(Sorry, I had to do it.  Bet you'll be humming it ALL DAY!!)

These beautiful birds are everywhere and are so accustomed to people,
they were literally walking right up to people and taking food right out
of their hands!!

Last One Dad... This is THE LAST ONE!!

Chyenne had her eye on the Merry Go Round all day, she
was thrilled to finally get to ride.

There is nothing at DW more beautiful than the castle at Night...

Thanks for letting me share my vacation photos and my family, photos of the quilting I did in Florida coming tomorrow!

Until Next Time,


  1. Sounds like an awesome time...enjoyed the get to quilting!!!

  2. What a great family vacation. I wish my boys were smaller again... Oh the good ole days!

  3. Ahhhh, making memories!!! good times!


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