Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boys Club...

I am excited to announce that I am arranging a 12 month quilting project for MALE quilters from all over the world to take place in 2012.

Each quilter will create one block every month, sign and send his block to another quilter, thus, every quilter will receive one block each month from a different quilter.  At the end of the year, everyone will have made, sent, and received 12 blocks from 12 different quilters.

The 12 months will begin in January, which will allow me to get through my "busy time" at work and still have time to do all of the organizational stuff that needs tending to.
I am right now writing some guidelines, (block size, colorways, and beginning to identify block patterns) and beginning to work on some of the logistical stuff.

I already have a dozen men who have indicated that they would like to participate.  If you are a male and you are interested in participating, shoot me an email and I will add you to my list.  If you know a male quilter who might be interested in participating, shoot him a link to my blog.... More to come SOON...

Until Next Time,


  1. I'm not male but I love that you are doing this. I hope you guys will be posting pictures of what you create so us girls can see! Good luck!

  2. Well, you are just ornery. This will be fun to watch. I may ask my son if he wants to. He is working on the Civil War quilt right now and it is very slow going but he might enjoy the other. I'll get back with you if he wants to.

  3. Are you going to have a secret code and meet in the treehouse out back?
    Sorry-the sign you posted took me back to grade school days. : ) Just joshin'. Sounds like a fun thing for you and your outnumbered quilter friends.

  4. I'm with Melissa! Obviously not allowed to participate, but would love to watch what the boys are doing! ;D

  5. Can't wait to see what you 'guys' get up to!!!! :)

  6. What a fun thing to do...can my husband join???

  7. Way to go boys! Can't wait to see your progress.
    :-) Or should I say bring it on boys! hahahaha


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