Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Going Try Something NEW...

Wish me Luck...  And help me choose which to do.

Back in December, Maria Elkins, visited our Columbus Modern Quilt Guild meeting and shared some of her techniques and brought a number of her quilts along for us to inspect up close and personal.  I had seen Maria Elkins work before and was rather intimidated.  (Honestly, I still am!)  BUT, I am going to give it a try.  Maria does quilt portraits, and she has used many different methods, but the method I am going to attempt first is Fused Applique.

Here are some samples of her Fused Applique work to give you an idea of what this method is.  (Posted here with her permission).

Strawberry Delight - 12"x12"

Blue Dave - 17"x22"
These are just two of my favorite pieces of her work using the Fused Applique method that I will try first.  I am not going to attempt the complex shape cutting that is displayed in these two quilts, but you can clearly see the "look" of this method which I will use to quilt one of the following photos.

I have decided to do a hot air balloon as my first subject.  It will allow me to explore cutting "non-square" shapes and assembling them together without requiring all of the fine detailed curves and multiple layers required to achieve the looks of the portraits.  Rest Assured, I will try a portrait, but first, I am going to do a balloon.  The photos were taken by a cousin of mine Diane Dunton and I have promised to give her the resulting quilt.

Balloon A

Balloon B

Balloon C
I am going to let my readers choose this project... Leave a comment telling me which balloon you think I should do. A, B, or C.

I will of course post my progress as I work on it!

Until Next Time,


  1. I think the middle one...those quilts are so amazing...you really are taking on a project. Can't wait to see your begin and your progress.

  2. Jaw-dropping quilts! Wow! Good luck in your efforts to learn this technique.
    I, as well, prefer balloon B.

  3. C looks easiest but A would be my choice for a bit more of a challenge and it is my favorite balloon! Have fun whichever you choose.

  4. I have a book by a different lady but I've always wanted to learn this. I will go check out her site. Please share your progress!

  5. Can't wait to see your results! Honestly, the fused portraits are so easy that my non-quilter husband made three as Christmas presents last year (http://mariaelkins.com/index.php/2011/12/hubbys-portrait-gifts/). I'll be teaching this class in Columbus at the NQA show this June.

  6. You are so lucky to have Maria Elkins come to your quild! I love her work. (I live in Canada - so I think it will be a long time before I get to one of her workshops.) My favorite balloon is the first one.

  7. I wish I'd taken the picture so I'd get your finished quilt Paul!
    My first choice is A with B a close second!
    Can't wait to see how you tackle this!

    Iowa Manquilter,

  8. Balloon A. Looking forward to seeing this quilt come together


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