Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fire! Come HELP!!

I was in the back yard building new doors for our shed last night when the dogs started barking like crazy...  When I walked up to the back door I saw our neighbor waving her arms at the front door and she looked very scared.

I ran through the house and I began to understand her request... "There's a fire.. Please come help!!"
I grabbed a fire extinguisher, yelled to my daughter to go grab the other one, and out I went.

It was a grass fire, a very small one, and ironically it was the Fire Chief's lawn ( from the next town ) that was ablaze.  I doused the flames with the extinguisher I had, and right on cue, just as it ran out, Chyenne ran up with the second one.  We managed to put out the flames, but just as we did the smouldering dry grass jumped to life and new flames appeared.

The fire department showed up and did the job right, spraying hundreds of gallons of water on all the dry grass and trees to insure we had no more flare ups. 

It made for an exciting evening!!  I was glad I knew How to operate the extinguishers.  There was no time for reading then...  If you have extinguishers in your home, read the label today and refresh your memory on how to use it.

Until Next Time...

My two spent extinguishers... After this experience I think I'll buy larger ones next time!

The fire truck... We wondered how much water they can carry in that truck...


  1. It is a little ironic it was a fire chiefs lawn that was on fire. Everyone was protected by God's hand and it stayed 'small'.

  2. I think the fire chief owes you a big one.(fire extinguisher)
    Great job!

  3. Yup my hubby is a fire chief and we have loads of extinguishers around here and yes we all get reminded regularly how to use them. I showed him the picture of that truck and he figures one that size probably carries about 500 gallons.

  4. I agree that the fire chief owes you a big fire extinguisher. ((grin))
    I work emergency preparedness and know that a little preparedness can save a lot of anguish. Thank you for doing the right thing and also for reminding folks to be prepared!

  5. Fires... we have had so many in Utah this year! The latest one was last week and burned so much of the mountains close to our home... Yep, gotta get a bigger extinguisher just in case, too!

  6. What a blessing to have you as neighbors! We have an over abundance (we don't think so) of fire/smoke detectors (6 last count) and extinguishers. As a retired police/fire dispatcher and someone who frequently has set her kitchen stove on fire, hubby says we just can't have to many! Great job!


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