Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Back... Kind Of...

Wow, I can't believe July 4th was the last time I posted anything here!  Life has taken a few crazy turns since last I posted... So here is a brief run down of all that is happening...

My wife and I listed our house.  We have had several lookers, but no offers yet.  We find it funny that the feedback we are receiving is all positive, but they didn't like one thing or another about the house that they could have seen on the listing.  For example, one couple indicated that they loved the house, but they would have to spend to much money carpeting the house because they really don't like hardwood floors.  Then WHY did you come look at a house which clearly states, "Laminate Wood Floors Throughout!"  Did they think we were kidding?

Another family came through and decided it was too small for their growing family of 5... Well DUH!  1,500 sq feet and 3 bedrooms should have told you that.  Did they really need to come walk through the house?

Frustration aside, we are having an open house this weekend and we should see some traffic...

We also made an offer on a house!  Woo Hoo!  I am too excited, but we are dealing with a bank so response could take some time.  This house has been on the market for a LONG time, it is in need of some pretty major repair, but if we get it, we will contract out most of the repairs and have it completely done by the time we move in.

Which brings me to my reason for posting today... I need some advice.  When we move (whenever and wherever that may be) I will be getting a sewing space.  It may be large, it may be small, but having a space where I can keep a sewing machine, iron board, and cutting table set up at all times was my only requirement for any house we looked at.  If we get this house, the room will be 145 square feet, on the main floor of the house, with two large windows!  (Now you all understand my excitement for THIS house!)

Here's my question.  What color should I paint it?  It will have an Oak Hard Wood floor and it will be open to the rest of the house, so it will be fully visible, which means I will have to keep it neat and somewhat clean, but I'll display my machines, etc. in there and our desk will reside in the room as well.  It is also Oak.  Oh, and I bought a white sewing machine table for "Lolita", my big Singer.

So, Give me ideas, help me design my sewing room... First step, Paint It.  And if you have links or Pinterest Boards for Sewing Space Ideas, PLEASE SHARE!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Hey, Paul. I can only share my choice. I went with a medium blue. It's very peaceful and it goes with just about everything I sew. And, it makes my room look just a bit more comfy. If I could paint again, it would be green, but for now, that blue is working just fine. Good luck on the new house and the old house. Be well. Lane

  2. I have a basement studio, so everything is white. It gives me my best lighting for sewing. I would probably stick to white or light cream just to keep the light if I am sewing at night. Second reason, is you can decorate with anything if you room is white or cream. I change out quilts on the wall all the time, with no fear of color clashes! Good luck with the house. Really now, I can't expect to move in my family of 50 and see carpet in you place????? hahahahahaha Gotta love people!

  3. Exciting times for you. :) I can relate in so many ways, as we're between houses right now. Closing next week on our old one and in two weeks on the one we're buying.

    Good luck at your open house, and yes, I'm right with you on "why are you even looking at it if you already know it doesn't fit your needs/affordability??" Ours was on the market for just over two months before we accepted an offer Hopefully you'll be short-term, too.

    My vote for room color: A pretty sky blue!! It really makes a room feel airy and light, is attractive with the woods and white you describe, and plays well with any quilt you might want to put on the wall.

  4. Your house for sale like what we went through. So glad that is over. Congrats on the new place. I remember that excitement well. I love finally having my own space and it is still plain white builder paint walls (hate that) but I just picked the color for it this week. After a ton of thought and a change of my original plan, I went with a pale buttery cream. I realized that after seeing pictures of a lot of quilters space on some other blog (sorry can't remember at this moment which one) that if I paint it a bolder color, it would seriously change my visual perception of what I am working on. Plus all the fun stuff that I will hang on the wall will stand out more. Good luck with whatever you decide to do but make sure you share pictures of your new space.

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  6. We just sold our house in Pittsburgh (3 weeks on market with 3 offers ... LONG story regarding negotiations and relate separately if you're really interested). Anyway, we're now moved into our new place and I have a dedicated quilt studio (25 x 15 can you believe!!). The walls were painted pink/blue (it was a playroom before). I have painted our entire house with Benjamin Moore's Putnam Ivory which has served as a very NEUTRAL color for the entire place. My last house afford me a large bedroom which I converted into a studio and it was painted a buttery light yellow, probably similar to what Michele suggested above. BUT this house had different light (from windows) so the Putnam Ivory worked perfectly. Remember that paint companies can "match" (via computer) the paint from one manufacturer to another. Keep us posted on your house sale/purchase!

  7. One more comment to my post above. STRONGLY suggest getting samples of paints you are considering and putting at LARGE "swatches" on the walls at various points in the house to see how the light catches the colors at different times of the day. I thought one color off the chip was going to be the "winner" ... put it on the wall and lived with it for a couple of days only to find out it would have been a horrible mistake ... totally wrong for the room/house. Samples are available and don't cost that much in the scheme of things. Just my 2 cents ....

  8. Congratulations on getting your house listed already! I’m sorry that the first round of interested people turned out to be a bit of a bust. If it hasn’t happened yet, I’m sure that someone, who is a perfect fit for your house, will turn up! Perhaps you can set aside the money you get from selling your first house to pay off the mortgage of your new one. That would definitely ease your finances up quite a bit!

  9. That must have been a very tiring day for you to have your house listed, Paul. But just a tip, you can use the influence of social networking sites to help you find potential buyers. Or you can take advantage the recommendations of a real estate agent.


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