Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday's Sewing Night # 1

Thursdays are usually my night to sit down at the sewing machine and quilt.  My wife works on Thursday nights, both of the kids who still live at the house have activities on Thursdays and aside from a need to run out and pick up Chyenne, I have the night to myself and I usually use it to quilt.

This week however, I split my free time and attended the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild's monthly meeting.  I was as usual, outnumbered.  The only guy in the room, but the ladies I sat with welcomed me and I enjoyed the evening.  We did a material swap for some "Mug Rugs".  I packed some scraps in a bag, as did everyone else.  We then all then grabbed someone else's bag and committed to making a "Mug Rug" from the other person's scrap material to give to them at the next meeting.  We then met with the person whose materials we picked and the person who picked our material and chatted a little bit to build an idea of what the other person would like.

 My Mug Rug Scrap Bag...

I did get a chance to sew when I got home.  Two weeks ago I took Jonathon and Maryaha to the store and they each picked out 13-15 Fat Quarters of fabric they liked from which I will make each of them a quilt.  Last Thursday I did all of the cutting for Jonathon's Quilt top, and this week I got to sewing it.  Step 1 & 2 complete!  Woo hoo!!!

Chain Piecing Jonathon's Quilt

More next week, or maybe sooner...

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