Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rare Weekend Opportunity to Quilt...

Well, I got a rare opportunity to Quilt over the weekend.  So I broke out my sewing machine, my iron and I worked on Jonathon’s Quilt.  I now have 34 blocks assembled and ready to go.  I managed to achieve my goal of having 5 different fabrics on each block.  AND I managed to have only one block that has two pieces of the same color fabrics (although they are still different fabrics).  Considering I did not truly plan this quilt all out, I was glad that it worked out.

The next big step is squaring each block and then laying it all out and figuring out which blocks to put where.  Jonathon said he’d help with that part, but he “ain’t touching the sewing machine”.

So, here are some pics…



Ironing Blocks

Remember last week when I posted a pic of my fabric for a “Mug Rug Swap”?  Well, here is the bag of fabric that I grabbed… Erin supplied the fabric, and what I know about her is this… She LOVES each of these fabrics (with the exception of the dark blue one), she is Irish, and she bought the fortune cookie fabric (Red) while on her honeymoon.  How many of you went fabric shopping on your honeymoon!?

Anyway, I’ll post some shots of what I am doing with her fabric and I’ll add some fabric to the mix.  I know what I am going to do with it, now I just need to figure out what will be the best way to accomplish what I am thinking of doing…

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  1. Hi Paul. Welcome to blogland! I think writing a blog is a great way to document your quilting life. I've not long started one too. I look forward to following yours regularly. Have fun.


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