Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Sunday...

I generally keep my blog posts on this blog related to quilting, but on this day, I must venture into a more personal area...  You see, this day is extremely special to me for two reasons.  It is this day that defines my spiritual being, for on this day some 2000+ years ago, my Lord and Savior rose from the grave after literally going Hell and back for me.  He Conquered death so that I, and each of you could spend eternity with Him.

This day is special for me too because it was my Grandmother's favorite holiday.  Grandma would wake up every Easter morning long before the sun rose and she would head to church where she always read scripture during the sunrise service.  She always participated in every other service on Easter morning as well.

It was Grandma who taught me to needle point at a very young age, which I admit I resisted... "Boys don't needlepoint", I told her.  So she said, "Why Not?"  When I couldn't give her a good reason, she handed me a little piece she had started and began to teach me what I needed to know to finish it.  I really did enjoy it, and that year I made a pin cushion for her for Christmas.  (The year before she died, she gave it back to me.)

Needle Point Pin Cushion
Made by Me circa 1975

Several years later, I taught myself to cross stitch (not a huge leap considering I had learned needlepoint many years earlier).  It was only appropriate that she receive my first Cross Stitch project, a two panel Southwest scene that I chose because she and Grandpa had just chosen to retire in Arizona.

Cross Stitch
Circa 1990

And then I leaned to sew.  And now, I LOVE quilting...

A few years ago, Grandma went home to spend eternity with the Savior she served while she lived here on earth and I look forward to the day that I will see her again.

I often wonder what her critique of my quilting would be.  What tips would she give me?  What advice would she share?  How often would Grandma comment on my blog?


  1. What a lovely story about your Grandma Paul. I'm sure she would be extremely proud of you and your quilting endeavours. I think she would've visited your blog everyday!

  2. Every blessing this Easter Day! My grandmother loved the Lord Jesus too ... long gone to be with him, but I still imagine her with him and all her friends having a tea party together, just as she used to with us. He is risen ... just as he said!

  3. Wonderful memories of your Grandmother.

    Men don't sew aye? I started quilting when recovering from a bad parachute jump. I was in the military at the time and a male hospital volunteer who had served in WWII came by and put a needle and thread in the hand that could move and two pieces of fabric in my hand that was intraction and thus started my quilting lessons...

  4. Thank you for sharing that wonderful story about your grandmother, and for also sharing your faith.

  5. Thanks for sharing why Easter is so special. It is to me too. I think your grandma would love your quilting! Grandmas just love their grandchildren and revel in their accomplishments.

  6. Until your post, I never considered what my grandmothers would have thought about my quilting. Both were accomplished with a needle, I have some of Grandma Raiche's embroidery, and her mother's embroidery.

    I think if I was your grandmother I'd be very proud of you. And I'd log in often to see what you were making next.

  7. What an amazing gift your Grandmother gave you! Both of my Grandmother's were/are excellent with the handicrafts! When my maternal Grandmother passed away she left some of the most amazing quilts- she also made beautiful clothes and crocheted!

    My Dad makes quilts - I have a fantastic "nap" quilt on my bed that he created for me after I spent the last year proofreading all of his graduate papers!

    I'm sure your Grandmother would have visited your blog frequently!

  8. How nice to "meet" a fellow Christian!!!! Thank you for sharing about Easter. It's a special day to me, too! My Grandma taught me how to sew, too and she left me some wonderful quilts. Such good memories!

  9. Fantastic entry Paul! Thank you for sharing it with us...I too believe that she IS incredibly proud of your quilting...and so much more about you!

  10. Beautiful post! I'm sure your grandmother would be tickled pink at your quilting. Some of my favorite quilters are guys (I honestly think some men are drawn to the math/pattern part of it at first). Thank you for sharing about Easter. It made me stop and think because Christmas is exhausting and I have a hard time focusing on enjoying it for the right reason. Easter, on the other hand, makes me giddy and happy for the reasons you mentioned. Have a wonderful week!

  11. What a touching memory. Thank you for sharing it with me. Lane


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