Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a CRAZY Week!!

What a CRAZY week!!

I finished the top to my "Stars in Stripes" quilt last weekend and boy am I glad I did.  I have been thinking about it all week trying to identify the best way to quilt it.  And I think one of the ladies at the CMQG meeting Thursday evening came up with the best idea...

I am going to quilt it using small meandering pattern, but I am going to contain my meandering.  The back of the quilt is a solid cream, so the quilting will be pretty obvious on the back of the quilt.  So I am going to quilt inside the blue lines and blue stars with blue thread, inside the red stripes with red thread, and I may or may not quilt the cream colored areas.  I'm thinking that I won't so those prints on the cream can easily be seen, but once I get the red and blue into the first row when I have quilt on the frame, I may change my mind.

This will render the design on the front "etched" onto the back in a meandering pattern, yet it won't detract from the front of the quilt.

Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear your opinions...  As a reminder, this is the quilt...

"Stars in Stripes"
Ready to be Quilted

I also finished the top for my Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Challenge top... It too needs to be quilted... But I will apparently have to show a few photos of that another time, as the "Saving" function and the photo loading function seem to be having issues...

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  1. I like the idea you described,I like quilting that makes the piecing and design show has turned out really nice.

  2. I like your idea of using different coloured threads and the meandering pattern. As a novice machine quilter, I can't wait to see your progress Paul.
    Do you use Betsy for machine quilting or do you have a long arm? Just curious.

  3. I loved your comments on Stitched in Color. I agree that "quilting" means actually quilting the top yourself, not sending it out to someone else. Lots of people criticize meandering (which I think will look wonderful on your quilt) but I actually love the way it looks AND I can do it myself.

    Can I put you on my blog list?

  4. Thanks Ladies! I responded to you all via email, But to answer the questions here...

    I only quilt on Betsy for crib size or smaller quilts. She is great for piecing, but her throat is very small and larger quilts just don't work.

    I am VERY lucky to have an LQS that is very close to my house (less than two miles) and they rent their long arm, so for $15 per hour I get to use a state of the art long arm machine. Since I don't have the room in my home for a long arm and frame, nor do I have $12,000 laying around, it will serve me very well to rent theirs!

    I'll post photos of the quilting and the finished quilt next weekend... I hope!

  5. I love the idea of allowing the front to mimic to the backing! I also might add that I'm greatly appreciative of the fact that you named your machine. :)

  6. Paul, please let us know how that works out. I tried it once and the back of the quilt did not look like I expected, so I'm anxious to see whether it works for you before I try it again. Lane


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