Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday's Quilting Night # 8

Thank You to my beautiful wife and kids for putting up with me this weekend.

Thursday Quilt Night did not happen this week.  Instead, I had a quilt retreat of my own making.  My family graciously allowed me to commandeer the kitchen for nearly the entire weekend.  (I did put everything away to serve dinner both days...)  They put up with the sound of my sewing machine.  They moved around my ironing board, and they were overall good sports about the whole thing.

I did it for one purpose.  I needed to complete the top of my "Stars in Stripes" Quilt that I am doing for my boss.

I took many photos of the process, and I'll post more photos of what I did this weekend soon, but right now I am very tired and just want to post this...

Stars in Stripes
Fully Pieced and ready for a Sash or Two.

and this...
A more straight on look.  Since everyone is in Bed, I Could not get help...
That's OK, I'll post better photos when it is completely done...

Good Night...


  1. Amazing!
    Just I think it will be... :o)

  2. Wow Paul, the quilt top is FANTASTIC! Such a lot of hard work - your boss is going to love it. Great job.

  3. That's beautiful, so glad you got your machine up and running againg to finish it.

  4. That is soooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing....your boss will love it!!! Yep, my family puts up with my messes as well, aren't they great. You really need your own sewing room....!!

  5. Your boss is going to love it! It is

  6. Doesn't it feel good when you can put all the fabric away! The quilt looks great...good on you! (and your family for putting up with it!)

  7. Beautiful quilt. Your boss is a very lucky person.

  8. Wow, Paul. That is fantastic! I especially love how all the neutrals played so well together. Hope you got some rest. And, I completely understand about the family letting us quilt. Doesn't seem they should mind, but I know they do when we're busy for several hours on a weekend. Lane


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