Monday, December 26, 2011

Projects for kids...

I want to share a project that I did for all of the small children on my Christmas list, but first I need to share a quick story about Christmas Morning at the Perger House...

Our normal tradition of cooking breakfast for our kids while they anticipated coming down from their rooms to open gifts was set aside this year as my Father in Law asked us to come to his house earlier than normal because he wanted to cook breakfast for all of us.  So, instead everyone got up, got showered and dressed and we were going to open gifts before we headed to PawPaw's house.

Unfortunately, just as we were about to open gifts we realized we had not seen Mocha all morning.  We searched the house, and after a very thorough search figured she had escaped in the middle of the night, so our search went outdoors.  After two hours of searching and a lot of tears we decided to make some flyers to put on the doors of our neighbors hoping someone had taken her in.  Five doors down my son found her cowering under a bush, "trapped" by branches above her.

Needless to say there was great rejoicing in our home after finding our lost cat... But we had to leave without opening gifts and none of the kids even batted an eye.  It made me very proud.  We opened gifts when we got home and we had a grand time doing so.  I did a more detailed post on that subject on my other blog, and if you'd like to read it, you can do so HERE.

But this post was intended to be a post to share some Crayola Caddies, so here they are...

I cut all of them at once and went into full production mode.  I made 16 and have 7 left.  I am going to put them up on my Etsy Shop.  I fill them with Crayola Brand Crayons.  They are very simple to make and they are a lot of fun to make as well.

The Materials... All cut, pressed and ready to sew...

 In Process... One step at a time, over and over and over again...

All Sewn and ready to turned right side out.

All done and ready for Crayons... The large ones on the right are for Toddler Crayons.
I use the triangle crayons, as they won't roll off the table at a restaurant.

And here are half of them, the photo of the other half was blurry and horrible,
but it looked just like this with different colors!

Time to catch some Monday Night Football!!

As always, Thanks for Reading!!

Until Next Time,


  1. Glad the cat was found safe. What an unexpected adventure for a Christmas morning!
    Your crayon caddies are very clever and fun.

  2. These caddies can be used for markers, sewing accessories, brushes, all sorts of things- BRILLIANT!!!!

    Love your Christmas header, BTW- Now I have to learn how to make something like that for next year.

    You are an inspiration- my husband Geoff is helping me and was thrilled to learn that REAL MEN QUILT! He only does the fusible applique part for me, but I forsee him on my machine in the future.

    God bless and have a glorious 2012

  3. Wow....that is alot of quilting but I am sure received with such joy!

  4. Paul, what a great project...I'm sure the kids on your list loved your gift!



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