Friday, December 23, 2011

Quilting... Sewing... Thursday

For those of you who have been around a while, forgive me while I share a little history with those who are new to my blog.  For a long time, I quilted EVERY Thursday night because on Thursday nights I had the house to myself for 3 hours while my wife and kids were at Choir.  Over the summer, however, I agreed to be the Treasurer for the Children's Choir that my children sing in and my wife works for and that required me to be at choir every Thursday too... and sewing Thursdays became a thing of the past... But last night I sewed on Thursday night and ooooooooh it was nice!

The kids are on Christmas Break (ok, they are officially on "Winter Break" since that is what the school calls it now, but to me, it will always be Christmas Break) so there is no choir, which means I don't have to be there either.  So as soon as my wife went to bed, I broke out the sewing machine and started sewing... Unfortunately, I can not show what I was sewing because on rare occasion my wife actually does read my blog, and I can't let the cat out of the bag until after Christmas...

SO, I give you the next best thing to quilting on a quilting blog... My Kids!  We all love kids, of course we usually see cute little toddlers being cute little toddlers, and mine are all well beyond that stage.  But we finally had all four of them together in one spot, all dressed nicely after a choir concert, and I grabbed a snapshot.  Not the greatest photo, especially considering I am a photographer, but they were not up for an impromptu photo session, so I took what I could get.  All four of them within a few feet of eachother all looking at me at the same time...

Clockwise from left, MaryAnna (17 a week from Sunday), Josh (19), Jonathon (15 in two weeks), and Chyenne (11).

So now you have faces to put with the names you read here over and over again...

WARNING . . . . . . WARNING . . . . . . WARNING

What I am about to show you is HIGHLY addictive, click at your own risk...
ONLY click if you have a fresh beverage of choice at hand
You LOVE crafty thing and have HOURS of time
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After clicking this button I will not be offended if you don't make your
way back here today, but please don't get so lost in Cyber Space
that you never come back!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Until Next Time,


  1. Beautiful family!

    Merry Christmas!

    My husband is now helping me quilt (he does the fusible appliqueing) with me since I found your blog! Real Men Quilt!

  2. So not fair .... sharing that button while I am at work...are you trying to get me fired? LOL I hope you and that beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Hey--it is a great family photo. Not only are they all standing next to each other and looking at you--they are all smiling and their eyes are open. At my house it doesn't get any better than that!
    Love your header.
    Merry Christmas, Paul.
    p.s. I have more selvages--are you still saving them or has your new direction in life trumped the possibility of that quilt happening?

  4. What great-looking kids you have! I think the photo is great; at least no one was blinking or sticking out their tongue, right?


  5. Just wanted to thank you for the random tut generator link..... Seriously..... I needed one more way to waste time! (as if Pinterest, Facebook and Starbucks weren't enough!) :)


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