Friday, April 20, 2012

Pay It Forward...

I joined a fabric swap a few weeks ago and sent 9 yards of fabric to the Swap Master, and I have been expecting a box full of fabric ever since.  Last week I received a box that was the same size as the box I sent my fabric in, so when this box showed up, I figured it was my fabric!  I have a project that I am working on and didn't want to distract myself with 9 yards of NEW fabric, so I put the box on a shelf and I didn't open it!

Then, I saw a post indicating that someone had not received the fabric swap package and a note from the Fabric Swap Master that he was behind getting the packages out and I realized..."Hey, wait a minute, if he hasn't sent fabric out yet, 'What is in the box I received!?'"

So I opened it and to my surprise...

 It is a beautiful Pizza Hot Plate, towel and some pizza fixens.  
How cool is this!?

Pizza Hot Plate with a quilted Pizza!!

A cute hand towel complete with a Pizza Chef!
Look at the beautiful fussy cutting and quilting!
Made by Joan of Moose Stash Quilting
The 12" tile hidden inside the pocket that covers the tile.

Thank You SO MUCH Joan!!  And, PLEASE forgive me for thanking you 10 days after I received your wonderful gift!!

This is beautiful, it matches our outdoor furniture perfectly and we eat Pizza all the time.  (But I think this will be used more for decoration than actual hot plate use...)

My daughter said, "I almost reached for that piece of Pizza!  It almost looks REAL!"

Joan sent this, as I responded to her offer to randomly send a handmade gift to two readers of her blog... SO, now It's my turn to "Pay it Forward"...  Leave a comment, and I'll randomly choose two persons to receive something made by me, all I ask is that you do the same at some point in the future....

If you are a blogger, you can do this via your blog, if you're not a blogger, you can still participate, just commit to giving two gifts to random people (i.e. not relatives)  Be sure your profile has an email address or leave one in your comment or contact me via email.

Until Next Time,


  1. How wonderful is that! I would love to pay it forward. I have one right now I am working on, I received a lovely wall hanging from Angela in England.

  2. I'm up for this too Paul. I'd love to have something made by you. I love the quilted pizza and hand towel - really original.

  3. OK, we had a year to do this, and I took 13 months. Bad me, but I was going for that bakers dozen only in years!! hahahaha Enjoy!

  4. I see I'm too late for this years PIF. I still have the pics to send you for last year. I finished 2 quilts for Relay for life and 9 knitted scarves for a local mitten tree at Christmas. I don't have a blog, so expect emailed photos next week. Thanks for including me last year.

  5. This looks like too much fun! I'd love to participate. Just saw it as I have been away visiting my grandchildren. Thanks, Gail

  6. I just re-read the post and see you are going to select randomly instead of takng the first 2 comments. I would love to join again this year. I really like making things for people and surprising them.


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