Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer's Coming...

There was no quilting in the Perger household over the Easter weekend, but there was a bunch of preparing for Summer.

We purchased a new patio set for our back patio last Fall when they all went on clearance sale, and thanks to a screw up at the manufacturer we got 2 extra chairs and 2 extra chair bottoms that we are going to use as footstools!  So instead of 6 chairs (2 rockers for Trish and I and 4 regular) we got 8 chairs and 2 footstools!

When the furniture arrived at our home, the chairs all had legs that were bent and two of them were so bad they were unusable.  The rocker bases were bent as well.  It was obvious the box had been dropped.  After sending them photos, they replaced everything that was bad and then some and told us to do whatever we wanted with what remained, they did not want us shipping anything back to them.

We ate Easter dinner in the back yard at our new table... It was a nice change of pace.  No friends or extended family, just us and a simple ham dinner.

Our grill bit the dust during the winter so it was time for a new grill as well.  Long ago we had a charcoal grill, and occasionally I would smoke some meat.  When that grill died about 8 years ago, we replaced it with a gas grill figuring the ease and speed of starting it would be beneficial, and while it was nice to be able to decide at the last minute to grill out on the patio, charcoal just adds something to the food and makes it better, and we came to realize we missed the charcoal grill.

So we decided to buy a dual purpose grill and when we found what we wanted on sale we couldn't pass it up, so we now have everything we wanted for outdoor cooking.  It is a Gas Grill on the left, a Charcoal Grill on the right and hanging off of the grill on the far right (with the wooden handle) is a smoker unit, so I'll be able to REALLY smoke some meat!

Saturday afternoon I took the last picture of "Bear" as he slept with his mother and siblings by the back door.  He went to a new home Saturday afternoon.  A newly wed couple who both had cats growing up wanted a kitten to call their own and he left us to be with them, he will be loved and missed.

"Bear" on the far right, with Momma laying on
his butt!  He has been her favorite from day 1.

And after a long day, my favorite, "Dazzle" cuddled up and welcomed me in after a work day in the yard.

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  1. GREAT luck on the furniture! My, what cats! Would you like some more? I have 3 kittens ready and 3 more born just this week= all to cats that we couldn't catch when we were headed to the neuter/spay clinic. We'll probably NEVER run out of cats!


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