Monday, April 23, 2012

Kittens, Kittens, and a Big Mess

This past weekend I did a lot of sewing, but most of it I can't show you yet.  But I can share with you my entertainment of the weekend...

As some of you may remember from earlier posts, one of our cats had kittens, and those kittens have become very exploratory and this weekend two of them took an interest with what I was doing with that big white whirring machine on the kitchen table... Not to mention the fun fabric strips that were hanging from the table begging to be played with!

First the little Grey one we call "Princess" decided my foot was a plaything...

That lasted about a minute until a bug landed on the screen door, then the bug became more interesting...

Then she got real brave and jumped up onto the table.  Of course she was wise enough to do this on the other side of the table where I couldn't see her, until she popped through the center of my machine to grab my hand as I was feeding fabric!  Of course I didn't have a camera in hand to catch that moment, but she did not retreat quickly and I did manage to catch this before she ran away...

After a day of working, MaryAnna took an evening shower and Espresso was not too pleased that she didn't properly part and brush her hair...

My favorite kitten, "Dazzle" was sitting next to me most of the evening as I sewed and when my wife brought out the feather toy she came alive with excitement!

I think she actually wanted to EAT the toy!

And Princess had to join in the fun, of course she is much more bold and jumped right up on the table (and you can see some of the fabric from my "secret" project there...)

 While I was sewing this weekend I was also doing laundry.  One time I went down to respond to the call of the buzzer and this is what I found!

Note how the stupid bottle landed spout DOWN, of course.  Luckily it was only about a quarter full.  I "Cleaned Up" by using the detergent caught in that basket for one load, and then I layed three towels over the remaining spill to soak up detergent and then for the next three loads I set the machine to "Small" load and "Hot" water, tossed a towel in and waited for the agitator to mix the detergent out of the towel and into the water... Switched it to Large load, cold water and tossed in a bunch of clothes.

I still lost half the detergent, but at least I saved some of it.

Later this week I'll share my "secret project".

Until Next Time,


  1. Cute, cute, cute. Love the kitties.

  2. Oh the kittens are adorable! So did the machine vibrate the detergent off the machine, or did one of your helpers push it???

  3. Kittens are so darn cute. I wish they would stay that size forever! Now that was quite an ingenious idea on how to salvage as much detergent as possible!

  4. We normally keep the detergent on a shelf, but my son moved it to the dryer when he did a load, so I believe it was vibrated off, but can't be sure. However, we did not find any paw prints, so I don't think it was the cats.

    Joan, I wish I could say it was genius on my part, but if you look on the right side under the basket you can some white... That's a towel. When I moved the basket I found the towel soaking up detergent, the answer to "saving" some of the detergent was given to me by fate...

    Thanks for reading ladies!

  5. Thanks for sharing the cat antics. Princess sounds like my sort of cat :). And so cute. Well both the kittens are of course.


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