Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ironing Board went BOOOOOOM!!

Wondering what that title's about?  Well, it starts with a certain little furry friend I write about from time to time, you know, my quilt time "Supervisor".  Sunday night I quilted for about 2 hours, and my ever present quilting companion, Frappe' was, as usual, close at hand.  Mind you, Frappe' is generally a shy kitty.  She generally runs from me if I try to pick her up, and only rarely does she sit still and actually let me pet her, but if I take out Ol' Betsy (my sewing machine if you're a new reader), Frappe' will come running and sit and watch me quilt for hours.

Last night I walked away for a minute to change the channel on the TV because the movie I was watching ended when all of a sudden, BOOOM!!  I think I jumped a foot in the air.  It was so unexpected, and so loud, and so close.  I turned exclaiming, "What the Heck was THAT!!" and I saw her disappear around the corner.  From where I was I couldn't see, and I didn't notice that something was missing, until I walked over and found this...

My wife yelled from upstairs, "Are you OK!?"  Jonathon came running, "What was THAT!?"  To which I responded, "You're goofy CAT!  That's what!"

It is amazing how much noise an ironing board and iron can make when they hit a hard wood floor!!

Anyway, enough about Frappe'.  I had the iron and ironing board out because I was actually doing some Quilting for a change!  I have been very busy on a few other projects these past two weeks and it felt good to sit down, cut fabric, and then sew it back together again...

The past few nights I have been working on MaryAnna's quilt as she will be moving in soon and I want it to be done when she does.  For those of you who are seeing this quilt for the first time, MaryAnna LOVES animal prints and roses.  She picked out her own fabric for this project, and actually helped me in the design process as well.  See this POST if you would like to learn more.

3 more Rows of Fabric all layed out and ready for Chain Piecing...
Chain Piecing the long Strips together
And adding the Ends to the blocks
More Chain Piecing of all the "little bits"
I hate it when I have to take out my Seam Ripper...
Do you see what I did?  I sewed a second Seam!
A nice perfect 1/4" seam, right next to the first one!
What WAS I thinking??  It goes to show that
There Is a First for Everything...

The new rows, ready to be added to the quilt.
And now her quilt top is finished and ready for a
backing and quilting.  I am thinking I will quilt this
with straight lines 1/4" from the center block edges

The Top half
And the Bottom Half.
 I am still undecided on the back for this quilt.  It will be randomly pieced using some of the remnants of the fabrics used on the front, but I am unsure how I will do this.  I have thought about a "coin stack" top to bottom.  I have also thought about doing a vertical row of bricks, slightly off center. And I have thought about using the "Falling Block" concept.  I'll make up my mind soon, as this needs to be done soon!

And now, I'll leave you with this.  Frappe' is too funny.  The other day she got a spider stuck to her eyelash and she could see it, and of course, she saw it everywhere she looked.  It probably looked HUGE to her, before I turned on the camera she kept trying to bat at it, luckily I was able to catch a little video of her when she finally caught it... and then had a snack!!


Until Next Time,


  1. hehe (spider vid) Kitties are so cute. Our cats would FREAK if they knocked the ironing board over like that!

  2. Oh! I forgot to say how nicely I think MaryAnna's quilt turned out!

  3. Did the iron leave a permanent impression on the floor?
    Quilt top looks good!
    Kitty video was fun.

  4. Hi! This is Melissa from Sewing Spaces Focus. Thanks for the wonderful comments today :) I am now following your blog and would love it if you followed me back: http://loveaffairwithmybrother.blogspot.com

  5. oh that is a familiar occurrence in this household with 3 furry helpers :)

  6. Lynn - Yes, the cat freaked out. She ran through the cat door and I did not see her the rest of the evening.

    Janet - No, it did not leave an impression (Pergo lives up to it's promises!) Luckily the iron wasn't on, so it didn't scorch the floor either. Which is also why I could take the time to take a photo!

  7. Hi Paul , that's a michevious little kitty you have!! MaryAnna's quilt is looking great and what a lovely way to welcome her into your family.

  8. My little man discovered climbing onto the iron board a few months ago so my days of daytime sewing are pretty much over. While I like more modern quilts I have taken up hand sewing so that I have something to do in the daytime!

  9. Tonya... When I was a kid, I knocked my mother's iron off her ironing board and it fell point first on my head! It split a 1.5 inch gash in my head right above the hairline and then singed all of the hair on the top of my head.

    I'll never forget it, because we were getting ready for church at the time. My mother handed me a cloth and some ice to hold on my head, ran my brother and sister out to the car, while I climbed into the front seat. My mom jumped into the car and pulled out of the driveway. She then pulled right back into the driveway because she realized she had never put her skirt on!

    I remember laying in the ER watching them sew my head closed... There was a mirror right over the bed and I could see everything they were doing. I got to wear a hat to school for a few weeks, so I thought it was pretty cool, but my mother to this day will tell you, she thought that day was everything but "cool".

    Luckily it was just a small cut, it could have been MUCH worse...


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