Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What to do with this Bargello...

About 6 months ago I had an inkling to do a bargello type quilt.  I found a jelly roll of black, gray and whites on sale and I figured I might as well use it to try out the bargello style.  While I like the look of Bargello, I don't particularly care for it in black and white prints.

So here is what I wound up with. 
The two halves...End to End
One Half... The other is a mirror image, so if I stacked them
I would wind up with an "eye" in the vertical center, but horizontally
to the left... Why didn't I take a photo of that option!?
When I was done with it, I folded it and stuck it in a drawer.  That was quite some time ago.  I pulled it out the other night and just looked at for a while and now I have to get it out of my drawer...  I am torn with what to do with it though.  I thought about stacking the two halves and making a baby quilt out of it (I figure with a few bright colors on the back it would make a good baby quilt and Black and White and Primary colors are supposed to be good for a baby's developing vision.)  But then I think it would look good as a large tote bag, which I could use to carry show and tell items to and from Quilt Guild Meetings  I don't know, but I have decided I have to do something with it and get it out of my WIP drawer.

Any ideas would be very welcomed...

Until Next Time,


  1. I like the idea of a tote, but I think it would look really cool as a messenger bag. If you added some nice padding and pockets, you could make it into a messenger bag style laptop bag. If you then added a strategically placed zipper, you could make the flap interchangeable. The addition of some "hardware" (in the steampunk fashion) would make it totally awesome.

    Good Luck!


  2. I actually like the bargello in black and white. A tote would be a good way to make use of it if you don't favor it as a quilt.

  3. I think the black and white is pretty striking. I like the option that you didn't take a photo of with the "eye" off center. I think that would be something a bit different. I hope if you do decide on a tote bag that you somehow put a punch of a bright color (like red) in it somehow. I made a twisted bargello a couple of years ago and it is folded up in a pile because I don't know how to quilt it. Any ideas on that?

  4. You could always toss some applique across it. Perhaps random geometric shapes in a bright red or teal...or both. ?

  5. Or couch a bright cording along one one side of each band of white, and THEN decide if you like it better as a quilt or a tote or a framed piece of art.

  6. I'm with Janet - I love it in black and white! It would make a terrific tote or laptop bag or even the backing for another quilt.

  7. I also like the B&W Bargello. Actually it looked almost like a table runner. But I like the idea of using it as a background for an applique - sports perhaps with active figures and or even with a floral accent to add the color. So much to try before cutting it into a tote. Good luck~!


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