Friday, July 8, 2011

My kid trumped Quilting Thursday night...

Some of you may remember Jonathon from my post last week from the finalization of his quilt.  Well, he is a soccer player, a pretty darn good one at that.  He, along with 20 other players, was chosen to represent his age group (14 Year Old Boys) for our state association's Olympic Development Program.  Over 200 kids start each fall, and after several cuts, 21 are chosen to be on the State ODP team.  Jonathon has been on that team for three years running now.  Needless to say, I am a very proud Dad.

Tomorrow, Ohio, and 7 other states will send their teams to Kansas, and they will train for a week with 140 of the best players in the midwest.  Jonathon will be trained by some of the best coaches in the country.  He LOVES this camp.  He will play and train for about 10 hours every day, he will be exhausted when he comes home, and he will talk for days about the things he learned and the experiences he had.

Tonight he had to pack.  So, I resigned myself to no quilting tonight so I could help he and my wife pack up all of the things he needs.  Then it happened.  "Dad, Mom bought me a bunch of new socks.  Would you sew some bright colored thread onto them?"  (The boys are required to mark everything they bring, and two years ago I started sewing some bright colored thread into the sock on the foot where it won't be seen while wearing the sock, but if the boys all toss their socks into a pile, he'll be able to identify his.)

So I got to sew!!  And when Betsy comes out, so does my camera.  So, here are some photos of my Thursday sewing evening!

I just slid on a sock...

Rana wide zig zag forward about an inch, and then back again...

And now Jonathon will know which socks are his...
 My father is also in town, so I'll be spending some time with him this weekend.  So this may be all the sewing I do... We'll see.

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  1. Now that's pretty ingenious! Sure beats the labels they used to sew into our clothes when I was a kid. Nothing like your name on a label scratching you in places you don't want to be scratched!!! hehehe Congrats to Jonathon, and his proud family. Enjoy your dad this weekend.


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