Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest Blogger: Rhianon Taylor

Today I am featuring a friend of mine as a Guest Blogger... Rhianon and I "met" via the internet when one night last December, while we were both working on the same Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt, we both cut the tips of our fingers off and wound up in the hospital getting stitches, she in the UK, and I in Columbus Ohio.

I jokingly posted on Bonnie's blog that it was her fault I couldn't sew for two weeks, and Rhianon responded with "The same thing happened to ME!"  We have been internet friends ever since, and I hope the day comes when I meet her in person.

She is very humble about her skills, but she is fantastic with a needle and thread.  Enjoy this guest post, click on the photos to see large versions where the detail will blow you away... And at the end of the post, please click on the link and vote for her Dragonfly Wall Hanging in the Quilting Gallery's weekly contest.

Without further ado, I give you Rhianon Taylor:

Dragonfly Wall Hanging - Finished !

At last, I've made some great progress with my wall hanging and I guess I could almost call it finished.
It's a very 'busy' piece and it's knowing when to stop.  I think it has enough on it now and it pretty much resembles the picture I had in my head.

I took this on a lovely sunny day but had still to add the little flowers in the bottom right corner. 
Click on photos for extra close ups.

                                            Close up detail of 3D flowers.

I worked some hand embroidery on the flowers and dragonfly.

                                           Close up - bottom left corner.

                                           Top right corner.

                                          Beading on Dragonfly

                                           Hand embroidery and machine quilting detail.

Last to be added, were these little flowers which I made from tiny Suffolk puffs.

  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, in fact my brother and sister have already tried to get me to part with it, but after all that hard work I think I will enjoy it myself for a while.  I will pass it on eventually (maybe!).

This week I will be working on my Bird of Paradise applique.  It is almost ready for quilting and I can't wait to let you see it.

Have a great week whatever you are up to and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Thanks Rhianon for allowing me to share your work with my readers!  If you'd like to leave Rhianon a comment, here is a link to her ORIGINAL POST, I am sure she would love to hear from you!

AND, If you enjoyed this go to The Quilting Gallery and VOTE for Dragonfly Delight.  Scroll all the way down and click the box next to the name Dragonfly Delight.  There are some other beautiful quilts there as well, and you can vote for up to six, but vote for Rhianon!

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  1. That is fantastic Paul. thank you so much for doing this. I hope your followers enjoy my post and maybe even end up following me too! I would love to come to Ohio to meet you.... one day!

  2. I had already voted at The Quilting Gallery before coming to your blog--and now that I see all the detail of this quilt there is even more meaning behind the vote I already gave it! Amazing!

  3. i saw this on the quilting gallery and am enjoying seeing it up close in this post. thank you! and it got my vote too!

  4. about talented!!!


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