Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wantobee A Quilter Campaign WINNER!

Yesterday was a Tuesday, so it was a day for Quilters to win in the Wantobe Quilter Campaign, and when I saw the prize for yesterday, I had to enter, I mean the fabric is gorgeous!!  AND Guess What!?  I WON!

From Sew We Quilt...

#1 Winner of 1/2 yard Bundles....
( we only have 1 PAUL...lot's of Paulines, Paulettes and Paulies...
but only 1 Paul)  in USA. 

IF you REALLY want to drool, click on it and see it in the LARGE
version!!  Go Ahead, you know you want to.... Click on it, I dare you...

Now, what to make with that beautiful bundle of fabric...  Oh the possibilities.  So what would YOU make with it?  You know I am going to have to do something with it right away, I mean I don't want to seem ungrateful and just add to my stash.... When you win something, you're supposed to use it right away, Right?

Thank You Thank You Thank You Madame Samm...

IF YOU would like the chance to win like I just did, see THIS POST and register with me and then visit Sew We Quilt on the appropriate day, read the post, follow entry instructions for that day, usually follow a blog or two and leave a comment.  MWF  are the days for Quilter Wantobes [folks who have no supplies and have not yet quilted] and TT for Seasoned Quilters.  AND The WINNING will continue from now until the end of OCTOBER!!  M-F daily winners, sometimes several per day (like yesterday)!  AND you can win more than once, so, Go NOW!!  Register with me and then get commenting!

Anyway,  WOO HOO!  I am excited.  I won something!  Again!  (I will be sharing another win soon!  I don't have a photo to share yet...)  Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket...

Until Next Time,


  1. Congrats, Paul! Looks like lovely fabrics, but I have absolutely no suggestions for their use! Big help, huh? Anything you choose will be great, I am sure. : )

  2. That is just tooo awesome!!!

  3. Congratulations Paul - go buy that lottery ticket!!!!

  4. I am SO excited, Paul!! I asked Samm if it was MY Paul. : ) YAY!! (Now I think you need to share!) Congrats! ~ Jo


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