Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something NEW out of something OLD

About two weeks ago, I had a post named "What to do with this Bargello..." where I talked about this old Bargello that has been sitting in my WIP drawer for too long.  I had several ideas and after your comments and a sudden undeniable desire to do something NEW, I decided to make a Baby quilt out of it.  I decided to make a colorful back and dug into my stash.

My calculations told me I needed 10 FQs, so I chose some bright
colors and a White w/ Black Polka dots and set off to make a
6" block checkerboard with bright colors and White squares.
Before sewing I always make sure my blocks are properly squared
and match in size

This was a quick and easy project, cut 6.5 inch squares, sew them together in 9 rows of six, color, white, color white.  Quick and easy and chain sewing friendly...

My favorite way to sew... Chain sewing, like chain smoking,
only MUCH Better for you!

Right off the machine, still attached by a thread...

IRON the seams toward the colored squares... I don't want any seams
showing behind that white....

Another view of the seams sewn toward the color.

After ironing all of my seams, I layed out my rows to make
sure I like the order in which the colors are going to line up.
There is NO need to lay a pattern like this out on the floor.  As
I looked at this something didn't feel right. 
Then it hit me, "OOPS!! I'm missing a whole ROW of blocks!!"

A short search it was, the kitty had stolen a row of blocks.  When I
tried to take her photo, however, she dropped her loot and ran!
So, here she is in all of her colorful glory, all 36x54 inches of her.
Now, I'm wondering if I should just make this the front and the
Bargello the back, but then I decided the Bargello should be
the front...

So, I sewed the two halves of the barello together and laid it out on
the back of the quilt to insure I had adequate clearance, and I did.

I had three blocks left over, so I decided to make a few pinwheels...
Although I have no idea why I did, or what I'm going to do with them!

I am going to quilt this soon... I am still messing around in Photoshop to decide exactly what to do with it, but I will definitely post it as soon as I have an idea of what I am going to do.

Of course my wife looked at it and said, "I like the colorful side better!"

Until Next Time,


  1. Hehe - sure do love the felines!! Love what you're doing with the bargello.

  2. Hi Paul. Love the bargello - a pattern I've yet to try. Yours looks great.
    That is a lot of work you put into the back of a quilt - I'd be tempted to make it a top becasue it turned out so good!!!

  3. I love bargello's! It is on my 'to learn soon' list. I have two books just waiting for me to start on them.

    Yes, the bargello the front...it is a lot of work!

  4. The bargello is fabulous. Having the colorful squares on the other side (?back) gives it a new dimension. It's always fun to have a reversible quilt to suit your mood.


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