Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bonnie Hunter is in Town...

Those of you who have followed for a while know that I follow Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.  If you've not visited her website, Quiltville, do so, she has dozens of free patterns, lots of advice and tutorials galore.  She is also a much more consistent blogger than I... I follow three blogs daily, and hers is one of them.  You can visit her Blog HERE.

I love her spunk, her smile, her quilts, and now that I've met her face to face, her laugh.  She is a contagious person, in a good way, a very good way.  I came home wanting to quilt.  of course, tonight I have some work to do that can not wait. I am sneaking on here to brag that I just saw Bonnie Hunter's presentation on her Scrap User's System.

I have envied Bonnie's organizational skills since I started reading her blog and now that I have seen it "in practice" I understand it much better and will begin using it very soon.

I am taking a class with Bonnie in 3 weeks, and I can't wait...

I would love to stay and write some more, but I must get some photos from this afternoon's shoot processed and up on my photography blog... If you're interested you can see them at www.PergerPhotography.com.

I do not carry my professional cameras and lenses with me everywhere I go, but I do carry a pocket camera with me almost everywhere I go.  Due to my shoot I walked in right before they got started which meant I was relegated to the back of the room, but here is proof (albeit a rather pitiful piece of photography) that I was at Bonnie's presentation tonight...

Miss Bonnie Hunter in Ohio...
Until Next Time,


  1. Wow you get to see her lecture and take a class! Enjoy...she is a great teacher (ok, I'm biased...we're friends!)


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