Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Quilt FINISH!!

My daughter's dance instructor is having a baby so I made a baby quilt for the new addition to Miss Dawn's family.  This is their first child and they are very excited...

Here are some photos of my most recent finish.

Animal Nursery print with tan batiks.
Simple Checkerboard Quilt, straight line quilted
3/8 or an inch from all seams.
Border done in a simple dark brown to contrast all of the light colors
in the main body of the quilt.  Also Bound in the same dark brown.

Backside view of the straight forward, simple quilting.
The green polka dot backing was chosen as the nursery was done in light green.

Another view of front and back of quilt.
And what would a post be without a kitten photo...  Having kittens in the house if fun and at times a little trying... While I was basting the baby quilt my kitten was playing "King of the Hill" sewing machine style...

When I stood up and saw him atop my machine, it
took everything in me not to chastise him.  I calmly got
the camera, snapped this shot, and then when I picked
him up to tell him the top of my machine was "NO" place
he looked right up at me with those beautiful green
eyes and started purring, almost as if to say,
"Are you REALLY mad at me right now!?"

The joys of kids and kittens!

Until Next Time,

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