Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Sewing has Begun...

Well Christmas is only a little over 6 weeks away...  And I was talked into participating in our company's Arts, Crafts & Gift Show & Shop next week.  I have never thought of selling my work until someone asked me to participate in the Show & Shop.  So, I agreed and have identified several projects that I could tackle in two weeks to have some merchandise to sell.

The first thing I did was to start a few sets of placemats.  Easy to do and Quick to make.  I completed a full set of 8 in one afternoon (all but the binding that is).  And the second thing I did was to make a few Christmas Stockings.  The stockings are of my own design, and they were super easy to do.

The Stockings were a little intimidating... I have never sewed a curve before, and therefor I had also not tried my hand at Biased Binding.  Why on earth did I think it would be so hard!!???  I have avoided it like the plague because I for some reason thought it would be difficult and "wasteful" to cut on the bias and have left over triangles, etc.  It was SO much easier to work with even on the straight parts that I am a convert.  I need to start trusting myself and my abilities.  Who knew making a few Christmas Stockings would be so enlightening!?

I started by sewing together remainder strips from my Place Mats and then I
free hand cut out the stocking shape and layed them out on my batting.
I also used spray baste for the first time... SO easy!!  A little messy, but I
can definitely learn to work with it!
OH, how I LOVE the throat space on my new machine!! 
Look at all that space and all that LIGHT!!  Quilting is so much
easier when one can actually SEE what he is sewing...
Binding going on... I love the look of Stripes and Polka
Dots for binding, Don't you?

Binding and hanging strap are attached and ready to
be ironed around to the front side for the final step.
First Stocking DONE!!

Second Stocking DONE!!

A close up Detail shot of the binding.  For a first time doing curved edges,
I am very pleased with my results.

The only thing I wonder is this...
"Is there any way to avoid that 'folding' or 'gathering' of fabric at the inside curve?"  The outside curves have no "extra fabric" to gather or fold, but on the inside curves there is due to the nature of the curve.  I just tried to evenly gather it and make it look as nice as possible.  Any tips on that part of curved binding would be MUCH appreciated... 

More Gifts coming soon...

Until Next Time,


  1. It looks great to me. Did you cut on the bias?

  2. If you are using bias cut binding then you can stretch it a bit at the curves which will mean less fabric in those curves. Does that make any sense?

  3. Yes Barb, I did cut on the bias, and Yes, stretching through the curve does make sense.

    I plan to make a few more this weekend and I'll give that a try! THANKS!

  4. I cut my bias a bit thinner when I am going to use in on a curved edge project...seems to help.

  5. Your stockings look great, Paul. I haven't tried this, but I have recently read that when binding anything with an inner curve (as opposed to just a quilt with rounded corners) it is recommended NOT to do the doubled binding because of the bulk. It is a whole different technique to use single thickness binding, but it is obviously less fabric to gather in those folds--and then, of course, you still want to stretch it a little as you go through the curve.

  6. Looks like you have some great advice there....gorgeous stockings! Wowser! I really like the stripes for the binding.
    Will you show off the placemats, too! Love seeing your projects.


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