Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Winnings...

Over the past few months I have been very lucky BLESSED to have won several contests, give aways, goodies, etc.

I am NOT bragging, I promise.  I just want to share...

My Winnings:

First, I won this embroidery pattern from Meg at Crabapple Hill.  My wife LOVES snowmen (you will see at least two snowmen projects in the near future) so this will be well loved when I get around to trying my hand at yet another new art form.

Second, I entered a give away at Possum Blossum and I won TWO HUNDRED perfectly cut hexagons.  I have always resisted starting a Hexie project primarily because there is no way I was going to cut my own templates accurately.  Now I just need to work up the nerve to try a hand sewing project…

Third, From Jennifer at Incomparable Buttons...  I won some buttons and a small patch of matching fabric... I learned of the giveaway through their blog, but their website has many many buttons to choose from.  They are very good quality from what I can tell...

These adorable little buttons will be shortly added to some Journal covers for boys… I was talked into joining an arts & crafts gift show being put on by my office.  After people saw my bosses quilt (Stars and Stripes) I had several requests that I join in the annual event.  I have never thought about selling my work, but I guess I am going to start!

And the winning wasn’t over!!  Many of you I am sure are aware of Madam Samm’s Awesome three month give away over at Sew We Quilt!  Well, I won some fabric.  10 YARDS of fabric to be exact!  Look at this beautiful collection of fabrics…

And Madam Samm tossed in a few extras… Some cards, Hand Needles and some finger thimbles!  Just the things I need for working on those Hexies I spoke of above!!

And the winning didn’t stop there!  Last week I won tickets to go see “Straight No Chaser” in concert!  I called a friend, made arrangements for the kids, and told Trish she didn’t have a choice, I was taking her out on a date.  She had a blast, as did I.  This was one of the most entertaining concerts I have been to in a LONG time.  If you have not heard of them, Google “Straight No Chaser, Twelve Days of Christmas” and watch the You Tube Video… Or just click below.  You will NOT be disappointed.

I also received the following wonderful package of Japanese Fabric Charms courtesy of Anne Marie’s Japanese Fabric Swap over at Gen X Quilters.  I have participated in several of her swaps.  She is well organized and I highly recommend doing one of her swaps.

And Last but not least, I received this package of Selvedges from Joan Janet O. in Utah.  At first I wasn’t sure who sent them, and I was planning on adding a “Who Sent me these? Note, but I received and email indicating where they had come from.  Thanks Janet O.!

I have a bunch of stuff to share over the next few weeks… Stay Tuned!

Until Next Time,


  1. What a haul!! Seriously, are you the golden boy, or what?
    I am so jealous that you got to see Straight, No Chaser. We have some of their CDs. I absolutely love them. If they came here I would go in a heartbeat!! I've just seen their special on PBS. Lucky you--in so many ways!!
    Sorry, Paul I was in a hurry when I sent the selvages, so I just stuffed them in an envelope and assumed that since I had sent you some before you would just know. Silly me. I actually have quite another pile going for you, since I just put 5 lengthwise grain borders on a king-size quilt, and then the backing! By the way, my name is Janet, not Joan, but that is okay. I answer to most anything that starts with a "J", and I have been called quite a few things that don't. : )

  2. How lucky are you, the beautiful fabric, and the wonderful snowman, and those hexagons. I wish that I was that luckY. Thanks for the heads up on the griup Straight No Chaser, they are absolutely phenomenal.

  3. Wow! Don't you love squishy packages in the mail? AND SNC on top of it all?? Gotta ♥ that!! Can't wait to see all of your creations with these lovelies!


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