Friday, November 18, 2011

"Craft and Gift Fair" in my Office

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The company I work for decided to have a "Craft & Gift Fair" and allowed any employee to set up a booth and sell their wares.

Several of my co-workers petitioned me to get a table and sell some "Quilts & Quilty Stuff".  I agreed and with only 10 days notice, I managed to get two table runners (a Thanksgiving, "Fall" Colored runner, and a Christmas colored runner), some Christmas Stockings, Christmas Placemats, some Coffee Cozzies and Crayon Caddies done and ready for Fair Day.

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking about posting and I didn't have my camera handy, so all I got were a few shots of the Crayon Caddies from my phone (which takes horrible photos late at night...)

One Crayon Caddie unrolled and one Rolled up Caddie.

Detail side shot of Rolled up Caddie

My "Booth".  I didn't think to take a photo at the beginning.  Everything
looks rather disheveled here, but at least there are still a few items there.

I sold the Coffee Cozzies (none are even in this photo) and the Crayon Caddies (still a few when I took this photo), and I also got orders for more stuff (4 more Crayola Caddies & a Set of Placemats).  I had Jonathon's quilt with me (Right side of photo above) as well as a baby quilt that isn't even quilted yet (far left side of photo)...

I will be getting an order from a pregnant coworker who wants to wait until she knows if she should order a pink or blue baby quilt, but promised to call me next month after her ultra-sound reveals the sex of her baby.

While I do not want this to become a business, I certainly don't mind doing a few projects that I'll get paid for.  Especially since I just bought a new sewing machine!!  What better way to "pay for it" than to get paid to USE it!!

I also realized that the small less than $20 items (Crayon Caddies, Coffee Cozies, Journal Covers, etc) sell quick and often.  I can pump out a dozen or more in no time using scraps from other projects and if I plan properly, I can do them while I am working on other projects.  An extra 30 minutes at the machine whenever I have it out could produce a nice little chunk of change.  Can someone say "ETSY"?

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  1. I can say "PRODUCTIVE". Wow, I can't believe what you pulled together in 10 days. The crayon caddies are a great idea!

  2. I have seen the "cozies" holding a variety of items...crochet hooks, knitting needles, handmade dolls, etc..

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