Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is my first Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Woo Hoo!!

For those of you coming from Amy's site and visiting for the first time, Welcome to my little humble blog.  I blog mostly about quilting, but a little about family and every Wednesday my blogging friends keep me accountable on my journey to get back in shape with my Wednesday Workout reports.

For those of you who follow this blog and don't know about the Quilt Festival, visit Amy's Creative Side (ther is a link at the bottom of this post) and have fun following all of the links.  You will also recognize this quilt as it has been a recent subject of my posts here.

The Quilt:

Jonathon's Quilt

The Process:

I took my 14 year old son, Jonathon, with me to a LQS and he almost refused to go in.  "Dad, Are you SERIOUS?  You want me to go in THERE with you!?"  I told him I was going to make a quilt for him, the shop was having an FQ Sale and I wanted him to pick out his own fabric.  He proceeded to pick out a bunch of very bright prints, as you can see.

I had him point out things he liked about quilts hanging in the shop and then I started designing, finding ways to incorporate the things he really liked into his quilt.  So, I don't know if I designed it, or he did, but it was a lot of fun to do this project for him.

The Process Photos:

Cut Strips and Rectangles

Assemble into partial blocks (Each block will
get one of each type of partial block)

All of the pieces stacked and ready to assemble
into blocks insuring that no block has two
of the same fabrics.
Finished Blocks
More Finished Blocks

Laying out blocks trying to keep like fabrics
apart from one another.  It wasn't until I took
this photo that I saw my mistake...

There it is... The bottom row.  Those two blocks on the left were
supposed to be on the right, so I moved them.
Thank Goodness for Seam Rippers!!

Thanks for stopping by, whether you are a regular visitor or a new visitor, I hope you come back!

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  1. Love the boldness of the colours and the brick layout- really effective stained glass effect quilt!

  2. Hi, its gorgeous. Very striking :)

  3. Truly love this least you got him to go in. I have one son that would go in with me, the rest would opt out.

    Enjoyed the journey of seeing how your made your quilt.

  4. This quilt is AWESOME. You and your son make a good team.

  5. I see we have 2 loves in common - quilting and photography. No matter who designed the quilt it is perfect for a teenage boy. Love it.

  6. What a great process post - I love bright colors and this is definitely a boy quilt. Wonderful quilt. Judy C

  7. Great fabrics with a very modern feel.

  8. I love it! The colors and fabrics are beautiful together. What a great cooperative quilt. I hope your son loves it too!

    xo -E

  9. Great quilt - the bright colours look fantastic with the black sashing!

  10. Cute story about your son - great quilt!

  11. I love it. As my son has gotten older he actually will go into a quilt shop with me. It took a very long time though! :-) Great job! It will surely become a treasure that will bring back fond memories!

  12. I love the quilt....beautiful colours with the black and whites. Good story too.

  13. Don't make me do it dad!! Too funny! I am sure that he loves his quilt now though;) It is great and I especially love the black trim.

  14. Very cool quilt! Love the colors and the clean lines. I have three boys so I can appreciate your son's unenthusiasm at going to pick out fabric. Torture! I'm sure he loves the quilt now and will appreciate it more and more in later years.

  15. Great colours and I think we've all been there with trying to keep same fabrics apart. My daughter feels your son's pain, by the way!

  16. This quilt has a real sports car/NASCAR feel to it. You and your son should team up more often.

  17. I love this! The whole idea and the colors. Reminds me of something I have made, but I never use black... And it reminds me why I should *always* take pics before I sew it all up. The camera always picks up things the eyes do not.
    I *especially* love that you made a 14 yo boy (young man) enter a quilt store and participate in the communication of designing a quilt. You are a hard nosed dad and I love it. It's so worth it.
    Beautiful quilt.

  18. How fun! What a great story!

  19. The quilt is stunningly beautiful. Loved it! :)

  20. I followed this over from Blogger's Quilt Festival & I am so glad I did! Great story, great quilt!


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