Friday, May 20, 2011

Vacation Coming...

Well... I didn't get much quilting done last night.  In fact, it was Thursday Night Quilt Night, and I didn't do ANY quilting!  BUMMER!!

My evening started with my first board meeting for the choir my kids sing in (another activity where I am the only male in the room!)  I am the new Treasurer.  My first order of business was to convince them to change their meeting night (3rd Thursday) because that is the same night as the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild meetings.  There was some giggling when I explained why I proposed meeting the second Thursday, and I heard, "Are you SERIOUS?" from more than one of my fellow board members.  It made me feel good that my wife (she is also on the board) defended me before I had a chance to.  Thankfully, after all of the giggling subsided, they agreed to move the meeting to the 2nd Thursday of the month!

After the choir board meeting I had to run over the CMQG meeting to drop off my wonky stars for the Japanese Relief Quilt we did.  I also had to trade some fabric for a swap I participated in.  I got some very nice Kona Solids.  I'll post pics next time.  The meeting was pretty much over, but I got to say hello to a few stragglers.

When I finally got home, I had to help Jonathon with schoolwork.  You may or may not remember, but my 14 year old is home schooled and while my wife does an awesome job with everything she does, she prefers that I do his science experiments with him.  (Truth be told, I enjoy doing the experiments with Jonathon, in fact, I enjoy any excuse to spend some time with him...  Those of you with a 14 year old will understand.  For those of you with younger children, you will understand sooner than I care to tell you!)  Anyway, we have had to put off experiments on several occassions for several different reasons and last night became "Catch Up Night".

We sat at the kitchen table weighing things, measuring things, calculating things, dissolving some stuff in all different sorts of liquids... It was fun.  And I THINK he actually learned a few things.  We learned about DENSITY and MASS and we learned that the scale works much better with fresh batteries!

So, a quilty night it wasn't, but a FUN night it was.

The next two days will be crazy as we are leaving for Florida on Sunday for a week of Rest and Relaxation!  So I will be mowing the lawn, doing laundry, packing, changing the oil, etc.

We are very excited about this trip because we have been granted permission to take our soon to be daughter with us for this vacation.  We will be adopting Chyenne's biological sister, Mary, later this year (in the next few months actually), and we enjoy having her with us even though for now we have to take her back to her current home after her visits.  It should be a fun trip as neither of the girls have ever been to Orlando, or Daytona, and they have never swum in the ocean.

And I must say, I have the MOST AWESOME WIFE in the WHOLE WORLD!!  (Sorry Ladies, but my wife is the most awesome.  Her only "flaw" is that she doesn't quilt!)  She told me this week that I should bring my sewing machine, and a tub of fabric.... Need I say more?  (I wasn't even going to ask... But I am NOT going to pass on that offer!)

Anyhow, I don't know how much quilting I'll be doing next week, but I'll post something...

Thanks for stopping by.

Until Next Time,


  1. How nice of them to change the date.. Home schooling is awesome. My DDIL homeschools ..they have group meetings once a week.


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