Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Quilting Update...

Well, My oldest son Josh is in Nevada racing with my Father.  (I'll do a post on that when he gets back with photos!)  Trish took Jonathon and Mary to a concert and then took Mary home (2 hour drive there and back), and Chyenne went to bed.  Dinner was cooked, the kitchen cleaned and I was ready for Survivor Finale'... And I decided to sew while I watched TV.

I have been looking for three weeks for the right material to sash the "Stars and Stripes" quilt for my boss, and Friday I finally found it, so that top is now complete and ready to be quilted!! I really wanted a blue, but I am coming up on the deadline, and I settled for a red that I found with rows of Stars... I also found the perfect binding fabric for this quilt (but I forgot to take a photo of it).  Hopefully, I'll get this quilted and bound this week and then I'll post Finished photos.

Close Up showing rows of small stars

Stars and Stripes, Top Completed!!

I also whipped up a few Wonky Blocks for a Japanese Relief Charity Quilt being assembled by the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild

And I cut the fabric for the Japanese Fabric Swap.

While I was ironing Stars and Strips Sashing, it jumped at me, and attacked my feet.  I put the iron down and grabbed a camera, 'cuz I knew who it was... Yes, Frappe' once again getting in on the quilting action!!  That goofy kitten just can't resist the temptation...

Until Next Time,


  1. Just discovered your blog. I love your Stars and Stripes quilt. It is very striking. Good call on the background pieces being different fabrics with the same hue. I often use a variety of light/cream prints with varied hue, but I think that would have been distracting in this quilt. It is so pleasing to the eye! Great job!

  2. Your quilt turned out great. The borders are perfect. Isn't it nice to have quilt company (of the 4 legged kind)? :-)

  3. I love the way cats/dogs love to be involved in quilting. Every time she can, my Maggie finds a finished or unfinished quilt to snuggle up in. BTW I love the pieced back of the quilt. Stunning!

  4. Hi Paul - I found your blog through a comment you left on Elizabeth's. I love this Star quilt! What a lucky boss!! The red fabric with the bitty stars is a perfect border. And cats and quilts . . . inseparable!

  5. That is just tooo funny, you do need to enter that picture in Sew cals Quilting Pet Show for sure.

    Love the quilts and squares.


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