Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday's Quilting Night # 9

Well, after a one week hiatus, I got back to Thursday Quilt Night.  The weather tried to rob me of my joy, but it did not succeed...  You see, here in Central Ohio it has been raining almost constantly for the past three weeks.  My lawn had grown to a rather ugly length, but I couldn't cut it because it has been so wet.  But today, the sky was painted a beautiful light blue with scattered puffy clouds and that orb that shines and warms us was visible all day.  So, as soon as I got home I mowed the lawn.

It looks so much better now...

Then I finally got to sewing.  I was so excited to actually break out the sewing machine that I forgot to take many pictures, but here is what I worked on tonight...  This is Jonathon's quilt.  Jonathon is my 14 year old, and he picked out all of the fabrics used in this quilt.  We talked a little and he showed me quilts he liked and I designed this based on his likes and dislikes...

Jonathon's Quilt Center Row Missing
Do you see my mistake?


It is ironic that I was just emailing with Melissa Corry from Happy Quilting about making mistakes and having to rip out stitches, so tonight as I began to feel a little tired and thought about quitting... I pushed aside the thought and pressed on because I wanted to finish.  Not five minutes later, I did it.  I sewed a section on the wrong end and upside down...

I decided to quit for the night.  I don't want to make anymore mistakes... One seam to rip isn't too big a deal, but I'd rather stop while I'm ahead.  I'll fix it tomorrow.  Right now, I need to listen to that voice and go to bed!  (But of course, I must blog first!)

See the bottom row?  Over there on the left with the black stripe on top?
Those two blocks are supposed to be on the right side with
the black stripe on the bottom.
That is the top half, Below is the bottom half.  The middle is going to be different, it is going to have three blocks instead of five...

I don't know why this got rotated... It is horizontal on my PC...
I would welcome any advice on how to fix this!

Over there on the right hand side bar is a link to AnneMarie's Japanese Fabric Swap.  I received my fabric today... I still need to cut it up, but that will happen tomorrow when I am a little more "with it"!!

I ordered two yards of this fabric.  I only need one for the swap, and I intend to use some of it to make an iPad cover for a friend of ours.

Until Next Time, or maybe sooner...


  1. I loved how you described the day....glad you got the lawn mowed and some sewing done.

    Your son is going to love this quilt, it is just fabulous. Yep...time to quit when the mistakes happen.....on to another day!

  2. That quilt will be awesome. Mistakes are just part of the process. but I do the same thing when things go wrong...I take a break rather than make anymore mistakes! For the photo, you should just be able to clink on the picture and hit the rotate clockwise (or counter clockwise) and that should fix it.............:)

  3. The quilt is fabulous!!! Too funny that the little oops happened right after we had talked about it :)


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