Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday's Quilting Night # 10

Well, I didn't get to quilt over the weekend like I wanted to, but I got back to my routine of quilting on Thursday night.

I started the evening off by ripping out my mistake from last week.

This camera angle really distorts the shape of my hand!!
Luckily, I only had one 12" seam to rip, so it took me
almost as long to pause and take this photo as it did to
complete the ripping apart!!

Then I was off and running to complete Jonathon's quilt.  My goal last night was to complete everything but the quilting and binding on his quilt.  (Since I rent a long arm, this will be quilted next time I can get on it for a few hours.  Probably in the next few weeks.)

That's Jonathon.  I had to share my sewing table so he
could get his homework done... He loves his quilt, but
wasn't thrilled that it "kept coming to visit him".

Unfortunately, Once again, I got caught up in sewing, and measuring and cutting and I forgot to take a bunch of "In Process" photos, but here is the completed top...

Jonathon's completed quilt top.
Somebody PLEASE tell me that I am not the only person who has determined to complete a project only to find that the fabric you were SURE was in your stash just isn't there...  I was certain I had about 4 yards of a nice black with a grey swirl in it that I thought would be perfect for the back of this quilt.  I had planned to do a colorful strip up the center from the FQ remainders used on the top, and that nice dark black on either side, but alas, I could not for the life of me find that black fabric.

Considering I am already over my budget for fabric purchases for the month, I decided to just piece a back out of what I had.  I am disappointed only in the fact that I KNOW what I wanted to do, and I think it would look SO much better, but if I am honest, it's not that bad for a back...

Piecing a back out of scraps...
The Completed Back.  It still has the colorful stripe,
so I guess ALL is not lost...
Jonathon had an art project due this week.  He is studying Indian culture and art, and he learning about textiles.  He had to design and make a shirt out of burlap.  His mother told him "Pretty soon, You'll be asking Dad to teach you to use the sewing machine!"  He mumbled something about "not thinking so..."  But his shirt turned out pretty nice I thought...
The weather here has finally broken and it's nice outside.  The cats are loving to hear the birds chirp.  Frappe' likes to search for the bugs in the garden.  I don't know what she will do if she ever actually catches one, but she finds them and watches them like a hawk.

Frappe' spots a bug
And Mocha stalks birds, until she is interrupted by a camera toting person...

Really!?  MUST you take my picture NOW??  I was TRYING to stalk
that bird that you just scared away coming over here to take my picture.
Be gone with you while I finish what I started...
Last, but not least... Do you actually USE your mug rugs?  Or do you stash them away to keep them pretty?

I like to actually use mine.  I don't usually have a drink on the table while I am sewing, but at this point I was actually doing a bunch of ironing, so I placed my Iced Tea close by...

As always, I thank you for Stopping By...

Until Next Time,


  1. Hi Paul. Jonathon's quilt is looking fantastic, the back looks great too. you know what will happen don't you ? You will turn around and your missing black fabric will be staring you in the face!
    Love Jonathon's little shirt too - it's so cute.

  2. I love love that quilt....and yes, I have gone in my stash to find the same fabric that I am using on my quilt and it is not there...then I remember I used it on another quilt.....What i up with that? I even put my fabric aside but as my room gets cluttered with piles I go and put the piles in the shelves...and well...that is the rest of te story.

  3. Wonderful quilt for Jonathon, Paul! I love the block design.

    I USE my mug rugs all the time. I actually swap them out frequently and use them for things like coasters, mouse pads, etc.

    Keep on quilting, dude!

  4. The quilt is great-- love the bold, graphic design. I hate to disagree, but that pieced back looks better to me than a whole cloth back would have.

    I don't have any mug rugs, but if I did, I'd use them.

  5. Love Jonathan's quilt and his shirt and your cats. You and Jonathan at one table is like me and Sydney quilting together, always pulling our work out of the other one's.

  6. Fabulous boy's quilt! I love the back, but *yes* I've experienced the frustration of "knowing" I have a certain fabric, but it's nowhere to be found.

  7. Love Jonathan's quilt top...mugrugs in my home are totally used of my son even used it at times to wipe down his sweating glass of iced drink!!!! :P


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