Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Workout Report #1

If you come for quilting stuff, please forgive me, but I have decided to post once per week what I have been up to in the area of Personal Fitness.  I used to be a nutcase about personal fitness.  I had two workout partners and we kept each other accountable.  We ran together twice per week, we biked every other weekend together, and we regularly questioned each other about our strength workouts which we did independently at home.  About two years ago one of them moved away, and the other changed jobs.  Suddenly I was all alone, and I quickly realized I wasn't such a nutcase afterall... My friends were, and they rubbed off on me.  I participated because I knew they were going to be there with me.  I knew they were going to ask me about my strength workouts and I didn't want to lie.

After our little group broke up, I "kept the faith" for about three months, but then I stopped.  There were many reasons for stopping, and as all habits do, my stopping was gradual, not sudden.  I have decided that I need to get back on the horse and get myself back into shape.  I have put on more weight than I care to admit, and my bike is collecting dust, as are the treadmill and the workout gym in my basement.

Since I have this forum I have decided to use it as my "motivator".  One day per week, I am going to post my planned workout schedule for the coming week and an actual schedule for the past week.  If I know I am going to have to post what I've been doing, I am more likely to do it.  I hope you don't mind, and I give every one of you permission to grill me about how I am doing.  You don't have to join me, just keep me accountable.

That said, here is my plan for the upcoming week:

Wed - Treadmill - 30 Minutes
Thu - Lower Body - 30 Minutes
Fri - Treadmill - 30 Minutes
Sat - Biking - 30 Minutes
Sun - Day of Rest
Mon - Upper Body - 30 Minutes
Tue - Treadmill - 30 Minutes

Next Wednesday, I'll report what I actually did, and post a new schedule for the following week...

Thanks Everyone,


  1. Good luck, Paul. It's hard to get back on the horse. Lane

  2. Having it on the blog is a great idea, you know we'll be watching. (-;

    I keep my schedule on the frig where everyone can see it and check off what I've done that day (biking, weights, etc.) and have minimum weekly routines. I'm working on keeping my heart healthy without meds. If I don't keep up, my family comments.


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